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I kinda wonder. maybe life would have been better without us. [28 Jan 2003|08:48am]
[ mood | depressed ]

Last night my cousin signs back online and say's..."Oh D!! There's something else I wanted to tell you." I KNEW I should have just drifted to MSN, but no. I stayed there like the ASS that I am. She proceeds to tell me about a phone conversation she overheard between my mother and her father. From what she said my mother's been keeping a few secrets from me. For she's had two abortions before having my brother and I. But from what my cousin says, this morning my uncle confirmed it. My mother said she'd had rather have had three abortions.

I knew we didn't get along..I never thought I'd ever hear that.

My own mother wants me dead. Guess I'm nothing but a disgrace to anyone anymore.

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